FREE Guided Meditations & Sacred Sounds & distant healing

Distant Healing (Reiki Usui tradition)
every Friday morning at 10h30am (UK time)

Due to the current crisis, I am offering this as a gesture FREE  of charge
for those that need support for their well being.

I am sending distant healing to places, animals, people and families.
Email me details of the receiver such as name, location, photo and issues
(this is treated as confidential information).

How ever if you decide to offer an energy exchange/donation this is welcome.
Email me for an invoice at
This will support my work and contribute to help
many people/animals for their well being.

(We will be hosting our healing circles online until further notice.)


FREE audio resources
A support to you and your loved ones

During those challenging times, I am honor to offer you a sacred space to nurture you so you can relax and connect deeper with your loving self.

We all need support and comfort at the moment so we can remain stronger.  Keeping our love, faith and hope to the highest level so we can accept what is there already and process what is coming ahead of us. And most of all be able to help our loved ones, communities and be at service if necessary.

Come and join me.
Just surrender to the track, don’t have any expectation.
Just be, be present and receive.

So you can for now or longer, let go and
feel this unconditional love that is there for you…always!
‘Breath of life’ (guided meditation):

‘Remember, remember…How beautiful you are!’
Duration 18mn26s (Meditation finishes at 6mn31s)
Saturday 4th of April 2020
– UK

It is recommended to be in a quiet space, lying or seated to listen comfortably.
Drink plenty of water after the session and rest if you can.

This is a guided meditation, I am showing you techniques of how to connect with the ‘sacred heart’ with visualizations and breathing exercises. This is something you can bring and do at home after at your own pace.

During those audio sessions, you might feel some form of healing,  guidance, release or maybe it will unleash in the next few days.  Just be still and in the flow.
Everyone is unique and so their experiences too.

This sacred space is embed with Reiki energy, shamanic realms, animal spirits,
archangels, sacred geometry, I AM PRESENCE energies, sacred sounds

(solfeggio frequencies…). During the sound healing, I am transmuting vibrational energies through my voice and encoded words whilst I am chanting.



Please note that technically this is not representative
of an original ‘live’ session.

It is produced in home studio during ‘quarantine’ which unfortunately don’t allow us to have all technologies needed to create a high standard audio track. Therefore some of the instruments and the singing can lose their purity.

We ask you to be flexible with our gifts to you
and focus on the essence of the healing.

Thank you and many blessings, may you be well.

The healing spray featured above is our special sacred Blend 101 (Dominantly Rose Absolute with 8 other essential oils) and vibrational energies of The Virgin Mary, The Archangel Raphael, Mary Magdalene. It is made in the same fashion than the previous Blends.
For more information email us:

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