ALL IS WELL – Healing Circle Gemstones Bracelet

We are very proud to introduce our special gemstones
We have unlimited choices of bracelet styles.

Small £10 – 4 mm
Small/Medium £15 – 4/6mm

Medium £20 – 6 mm
Medium/Large £25 – 6/8 mm

Large £30 – 8 mm
Extra large £50 – 10 mm

Dedicated & tailored on demand
(Each bracelet will take between 1hour – 3 hours)

To order email:

Healing Circle Gemstones Bracelet are dedicated & hand made
carefully chosen semi precious jewellery.

Each gemstones are purified from unwanted energies or debris with smudging
(Sage or Palo Santo) then left under free flowing water &
cleared with sound (seated in a singing bowl).

During the making of the bracelet, blessings are singing out loud. Mantras are chanted for each specific beads whilst creating the circle & the closing are doing two knots to send the grateful blissful ending prayers.

Once the healing circle gemstones bracelet is created, I empower it with
Reiki Usui energy healing for the highest good of the receiver.


Try not to spray any chemicals (perfume) or wash with your bracelet.
You can put it by your window on each full/new moon to recharge it.
Do take good care of it.


You can clear the energy from time to time as indicated above.
Be in gratitude & connect with your special gemstones.

We have an extensive range of healing products, email us for more information. Try our new spray ‘Angelic mist’: Dominante ‘Rose Absolute’ and sacred oils with the energies of the Archangel Rafael, The Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene.

Many blessings

May all beings be grateful.
All is well 





Those are just an examples for you to tailor to your own mantras!
This is beyond any religious beliefs as it is more related to the ‘light’ consciousness’ (energy of healing) but feel free to add your own beliefs system.


I am abundant & prosper
I am surrounded by angels, my guides & the divine light
I know how to serve/I know who I am/
I am here/I am here/I am here
The universe is providing me with all that I need
Word I am word
I am so happy I have enough
I love myself & I am loved
I am God, I am peaceful
I am healthy, pure & confident
I am safe in the universe


I am continuously abundant and prosperous, in all areas of my life
I am protected and guided by angels, earth angels and the Divine force
I am happy and always enough
I am the divine creator of my life
I am beautiful inside out
I love myself and I am loved
I am safe and always taken care of by the Universe
I am healthy, energetic, confident, grounded and pure light|
I can & I will
I am blessed with a life full of love & abundance
I know I have a higher purpose
I have infinite resources to achieve. ALL THAT MY HEART WANTS
I believe in my self
I trust myself
All that I need is already here even when I don’t see it yet