‘ALL IS WELL’ Aura Cleansing Oil

We are very delighted to introduce our roller bottle products
We offer 3 blends of Aura Cleaning Oil:

£11  (10ml)
£8 (5ml)

Buy 1 big + 1 small £15
Dedicated on demand

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A special blends of essential oils in pure organic cold pressed grapeseed oil.
100% Pure essential Oils, Organic or Wildcrafted.

Blend 11: Joy mood – dominantly Frankincense & Lavender with Orange, Bergamot
Blend II (2): Inner child – dominantly Frankincense & Lavender
with Citrus, Sage, Ylang Ylang

Blend 22: All That Is – dominantly Frankincense & Lavender
with Pine Needle, Tangerine

Each bottle has been infused with imprints of:
Reiki, sacred sounds
and high vibrational energies of Joy and Light.

Use lightly on your wrists then spread it on your hands &brush your aura from head to toe (following chakras) & release energy to the ground with exhalation to cleanse and lighten.

Use as aromatherapy; apply on bottoms of feet & over heart
areas for a calming & uplifting effect.

Shake well before each use.
For external use only. Do not drink or put in the eyes!
If you have children or animals, do clean
your hands before any contact.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Created by Reiki Master and Sound Healer Géraldine Emmanuelle ©

Wishing you well with Love and light

Each package contain a feather as a gift & a symbol of the natural world to empower you. Picked with love in Hyde Park in London without harming the animal.


Please note that all the aromatherapy products are from
Naturally Thinking, an ethical company in the UK