Geraldine Emmanuelle MA – MHAO

image-2White Tara at Jamyang Tibetan Centre in London

I come from an art background as Contemporary Artist, Performer, Curator, Musician, Reviewer with two MA in Fine Art. After numerous exhibitions in UK and abroad,  I’ve been on a healing journey where I began to merge my previous art & intellectual knowledge with my healing skills.

Complementary to my art practice, I am offering intuitive healing & therapies.

I am a Reiki Master & Teacher with a complementary Japanese Techniques Certificate, I also obtained Level II Angelic Reiki. I am a Sound Healer & Gong practitioner with two Sound Healing Diplomas.
I am certified Animal Healer and member of the ‘Healing Animal Organisation‘ with Elizabeth Whiter’s HAO in West Sussex/UK & I  completed an Psychic Development HAO workshop Level 1 with Medium Henry Burns.

I am a back seated acupressure massage practitioner.

I had completed another in deep Sound Healing Diploma focusing on Gong practices & protocols. My ex-tutors Tim Weather & Sanj Hall both learned & played with Gong Master Baba Don Conreaux & had been strongly influenced by his lineage.
I am completing now another Gong training with Sheila Whitaker in Devon, England.

Initiated to Reiki with the traditional methods of Master Dr Usui, I’m introducing in my healing practice; oracles cards reading, shamanic aura cleansing, breathing & grounding exercises, OM toning, chanting, visualization.

 I’ve been using Alejandro Jodoroswky’s method ‘Shamanic Psychomagic’, ‘Psychogenealogy’ and I’ve been doing workshops that integrated the ‘Family Constellations’; a method developed by psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.

Since my childhood I was dived in a family using plants and having interest in herbal medicines. Indeed my ancestors were the 1st one to introduce homeopathy texts and books in France. Today one of my relative Dr L. Daveau is an acupuncturist & homeopath,  following the family thread.

ge praying5121

I always been passionate about natural healing methods such as phytotherapy, aromatherapy, plants we used in our summer house etc.  Alternatives medicines have been a total part of my life style.

In 2015, I discovered the use of Sound Healing, this technique using sounds, vibrations, toning, mantras, shamanic world music… It has been for me a revelation at different healing levels such as relieve of pains, release of energetic blockages, psychics, emotional  and on a spiritual level too.

Reiki is part of my life style and I integrated it perfectly in my daily routine, to offer treatments to my loved ones, the animals and to all in needs. I cherish this soft and gentle healing practice with the ethical and wisdom that goes with it.

I keep learning different healing methods to enrich my self spiritually and to gain more healing skills to offer the best treatment to my patients and patients to be.

Reiki has a very important place in my life; I work also with gems, essentials oils, medicinal plants, flower remedies…

I meditate regularly following the path of the Bodhicitta to continue to elevate myself spiritually.
My food intake is mainly 80% vegan and 20% vegetarian to not harm and contribute to the exploitation of animals. I do not wear and buy products related to animal suffering or killing.



My USUI lineage:

Dr Mikao USUI
Mme Hawayo TAKATA
Phyllis Lei Furumoto 
Carrell Ann Farmer 
Leah Smith
William Lee Rand
Elizabeth Gilberg
William S. Tupkal
Lynne Blanchard
Lindy Barron
Jollean Matsen
Stephanie Rink
Michael Kaufmann
Géraldine Emmanuelle


I am also a student in Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism philosophy following  Geshe Tashi Tsering teachings at the Tibetan Buddhist Centre in Kennington, London.

Thanks for doing a donation for the Yamjang Foundation

Tel: 0044(0)7455141121

Treatments & workshops in The Light Centre Monument, London



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8 thoughts on “Geraldine Emmanuelle MA – MHAO

  1. I did the Zoom sessions with Geraldine and they were great! I felt I released old energy as well as clearing some blockages I had in my body. For example, after clearing the throat chakra, I was able to use my voice much more and as a result, I received some joyful opportunities relating to my career. It pays off to do the work and to receive guidance in order to grow at a faster speed. Geraldine’s guided meditations always bring a smile to my face. Her energy is positively infectious :)

  2. I love Geraldine work and specially the sound healing one to one, it completely restores me and generates my being.

    The gift of healing Geraldine has goes through some many layers, the first time I did the zoom Mediations and distance healing where we did the heart and mind connection was so powerful that for days I was floating in the clouds how uplifting it was.
    I felt myself releasing a lot through my tears and it felt for peaceful.

    I will definitely keep coming back for more and more.

    I definitely do not hesitate to recommend Geraldine she continuously works on herself to serve even better and I am so grateful to be able to experience and witness her work.

  3. Geraldine and the music from the universe. I joined my first session with her in October and since…all has changed. Is a long process to walk to the light to find your true self but with the sounds and guidance from Geraldine the path became clear. She really cares and you can feel it(literally) like a kind and warm light guiding you through the darkness.
    My creativity has been unlocked. My spirit has been unlocked. My inner power has became strong. And finally I found my way to return home, to return to myself.
    Geraldine and her healing qualities are pure energy, she is kind and generous. Her sounds are really powerful as you can feel they are coming from her heart, they coming from our mother earth, they coming from the light of the universe. Thank always and forever to Geraldine

  4. Geraldine was very attentive, conscientious and thorough when I arrived at the session. She explained to me exactly what the process involved which allayed my apprehensions about trying so different to my normal experience. I left the session feeling a much deeper connectedness to some of the issues in my head. I’d very much like to try Geraldines sound healing to explore these aswell.

  5. I have had several sound healing sessions with Geraldine. Every session is very soothing and brings me in a place of pure bliss. I always feel very relaxed and calm. Geraldine is an amazing sound healer. I recommend her very highly.

  6. I have had four sessions of Reiki and Sound Healing with Geraldine and it has been a very welcoming and thoughtful experience each time. I have felt lighter each time and am impressed on how the sessions have got deeper as they have gone on. She emphasises self-healing and is very sensitive and caring in her approach, focusing naturally on areas that require healing. I feel each session has been valuable and would recommend her as a healer, the combination of Reiki and Sound Healing is a powerful and fulfilling one!

  7. Geraldine is such a beautiful healer. She is passionate, dedicated and so caring. Every time I have a session with her I feel totally at peace, in a beautiful state of mind and more aware of myself and my surroundings.
    She combines different techniques in her healing which work magic for me and give me exactly what I need.
    I would definitely recommend Geraldine to anyone who need to restore a physical and emotional wellbeing. Thank you Geraldine.

  8. Geraldines’ Reiki and sound healing sessions enabled me a deeper level of understanding myself. The sessions have assisted my light to glow stronger for my own healing and others around me.
    Geraldine is such a natural healer, it is impossible not be affected by her sessions.

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